Thursday, June 28, 2012


my hearts broken
the toll already taken
the pain't too much
my eyes and smiles lie
tears tell my story
my soul's weeping
reaching out for strength
my mind boid of all emotion
empty of thoughts
operating on auto-pilot
unable to regain control
my dreams flee
hiding  and breaking
unable to piece them together

if only

if only i knew how
how to handle all this pain
all this sorrow and loneliness
it surrounds and engulfs me
choking out all hope
killing me slowly
ever so slowly inside
leaving emptiness to sprout despair


i'm trapped in my mind wandering aimlessly
unable to find my way
out of the maze of thoughts
each turn unlocks doors
what i tried to ignore im now left to face
my desires elude me
sometimes i wish i could die
to leave all this behind
and get the relief i so desperately need
but in reality i just wanna be saved
to find that one person who will break down my walls
unlock my emotions and heal all my pain


these feelings plague and taunt me
leaving me alone in my world
questions arise as my doubts conquer
sending me deeper into my mind
engulfed by sorrow
swarmed by self pity
i fight a battle within

mysterous woman

Theres something about her that i can't explain
something in the way her eyes sparkle in the light
the fire in her hair that captures my attention
or the kindness in her smile and voice thats caring
simply just simply mesmerising
oh how i wish i could talk to her
but i fear what she thinks of me
that she'd turn me down and dismiss me

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My hearts broken
The toll already taken
The pain's too much
My eyes and smiles lie
Tears tell my story
My soul's weeping
Reaching out for strength
My mind void of all emotion
Empty of thoughts
Operating on auto-pilot
Unable to regain control
My dreams flee
Hiding and breaking
Unable to piece them together

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

these days

these days
just seem like they blend
like its just one continuous nightmare
same routine
day in, day out
nothing ever changes
except my mind
i always put a strong face on
i play hid and seek
sometimes I'm really good
other-times, i get slammed to the ground
knocked on my ass
unable to get back up
unable to face my demons